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Marie-Ange & Didier Duchêne - 28 rue Raoul Lang 68560 Hirsingue

tél 33 (0) 3 89 40 58 31 - 33 (0) 6 20 91 20 59 mail marie-ange.duchene@orange.fr


Installed in the 2nd floor of the house, this room is equipped with a bed for 2 people as well as a bed for a person, in a separate alcove. It is possible to install an additional bed for a baby. WiFi is available.

The view gives onto the brook in front of the house.

In the bathroom understanding a bowl, a shower and one toilets, besides the bathroom linen, you will find a hairdryer, a soap, a frost-shower and diverse products for your well-being.

The room Stork